Anyone who has spent anytime writing a blog (like this one), paying bills online, or simply grinding away at their desk job at work knows neck pain. Neck pain strikes most Americans, second only after lower back pain. Among all occupations, office workers have the highest risk for neck pain. Nearly half of workers experience some type of neck pain each year!

What can you do prevent neck pain? In our Physical Therapy Journal (PTJ) this January, researchers offered some vital evidenced-based recommendations:

  • Strengthening your neck and shoulder muscles if you have pain. A Doctor of Physical Therapy can easily guide you to the best specific exercises to meet your needs. So, if you have pain, skip the chiropractor or physician and directly seek out your PT!
  • Perform routine physical activity and exercise like walking, cycling, and weight training. This can improve your muscle endurance, reduce sensitivity to pain, and boost your mood -- all of which may prevent neck pain.
  • Preventing neck pain through ergonomic aids may offer only a small effect for generalized workers -- it may help those in pain, which again is something a physical therapist can help you with.

Neck pain has a significant cost and impact to work and our economy. Even if you are not employed, neck pain from office tasks can be burdensome and impact your activities of daily living. If this is you and you are in the Naples, Bonita Springs, or Marco area, use our Contact Us tag and set up a consultation today!