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Is there a magic amount of time to exercise for arthritis?

In a study of 1,600 adults with osteoarthritis (OA), researchers from Northwestern University found the right amount of time to exercise for sustaining function and keeping pain down. The study showed any activity or exercise is better than none; however, those who did at least 45 minutes of moderate activity (such as fast walking, moderate cycling) had the best functioing and pain scores after a 2 year follow up. Unfortunately only 10% of adults with OA meet the 45 minute goal, many due to the misinformed notion that pain means they are damaging their joints further (a concept debunked by modern pain science). So, get out and move or call your local PT today for a tune-up before you start!

Knee Arthritis - Pay for What Works

A recent study of nearly 86,000 subjects found the treatment for knee arthritis did not follow research supported clinical practice guidelines. The study showed physicians heavily used steroid and hyaluronic acid (HA) injections - 46% and 18% of the time - despite little evidence to support these interventions. More sadly physical therapy was used only13% of the time, despite PT being an evidenced based and cost effective treatment. 

The total cost for care for the subjects' knee OA was reflected by HA injections at 29.2%, which the American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeon's classifies this treatment as "strongly - cannot recommend". Meanwhile PT only reflected a total cost of roughly 10%.

PT is a cost effective treatment for knee pain. Call today for a consult!