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New Year's

Many New Year's post go up a few days before and after the the big day. My team and I wanted to do something different and stand out. We are a week after New Year's, here are some pointers (or gentle reminders for some) to improve your health.

New Year Resolution by Dr. Anik Lauzon:

The new year is here! Another year to live, love and laugh has started. It’s also time to make lifestyle changes and take our health back on track.  Every year, we begin the new year with  good intentions thinking we will be committed to this new year’s resolution. In reality, most of us fail to be compliant with our new intentions, thus the year passes by and our resolutions are long gone. The “New Year Resolution” expression sometimes seems like a longtime goal that can’t be achievable.  We all hear that an active lifestyle and  healthy food are the most important elements for good health. Making continuous healthy choices can be challenging for some people even if they know all the benefits. What if instead of trying to focus on a year-long goal, we would decide to make changes the very first day of the year, the next day, and within the first week? Here are some examples of action you can take the very first day of the year:

-Take the stairs instead of the elevator

-Add vegetables to your meals and snacks

-Take a walk or play outside with your children instead of watching TV

-Place water in the fridge instead of soda or juice

-During week-end, prepare healthy meals for the week

-Include green, leafy vegetables in every meal

-Instead of sugary desserts, have fresh fruits

-Replace meat for grains and legumes a couple meals per week

Once we start changing one simple thing at a time, it does not feel overwhelming. Every healthy change we make will benefit our body and its function. We will no longer call it a “ New Year Resolution”, but instead a healthy lifestyle that can be maintained all year and all life long. Remember, every little change makes a difference!