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New Health Model for PTs: Wellness and Prevention

Insurance physical therapy at your hospital or local clinic is steeped in tradition: find the one problem, focus on it, and fix it. The services are reimbursed based on a fee-for-service model. The more care the more payment that is given, regardless of outcomes or future setbacks. Physical therapist's (PT) education skews also towards the model of problem-based learning, exam, and intervention. Lost in the mix of the insurance and educational maelstrom is the patient: what other issues are lurking, how do they address the "whole" patient and not just the one body part or pain, and how can they continue living healthy and happy?

Fortunately a new model of PT practice emerged. The Health-Focused Therapy Model (HFPTM) promotes PTs to recommend notions like smoking cessation, regular physical activity, and even nutrition, when/where appropriate. Researchers at the University of Alabama at Birmingham produced the new model which hopes to only enhance what PTs currently offer.

Your Doctors of Physical Therapy at Wells PT embrace, endorse, and put into practice the Health-Focused Therapy Model of care. From smoking cessation, exercise interventions, physical activity promotion, and nutritional counseling, Dr. Wells and Lauzon want the best for the whole YOU -- not just your knee or shoulder. Use the Contact tab on our webpage to set up your consultation today for the best Physical Therapy you've ever had.